What's Race Got to Do with It?


ABOUT What's Race Got to Do with It?


"Contains a wealth of pedagogy and substance, especially as pertaining to race relations on campus. Well-crafted and highly recommended."

- Lester P. Monts
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Michigan


"What's Race Got to Do with It? can help anyone —counselors, student affairs directors, faculty, parents and especially students— realize that tension around race is not something to be ashamed of or denied but can be confronted and worked through as leaders of the future. The results are worth it."

- Gwendolyn Dungy, Executive Director
National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA)


"Has many excellent education applications. Provides a safe opportunity for students with limited diversity awareness to discuss these important issues."

- Terrell Jones
Vice Provost for Educational Equity, Penn State University


"Recent years have seen a troubling decline in respect among, and trust of, individuals and groups who differ from one another. This timely film presents a number of ingenious, promising approaches to restoring these needed qualities."

- Howard Gardner, Harvard University
Author of Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet


"It really shows that students who think deeply about this can truly be transformed in some way. I can imagine using it with students very easily. A very powerful educational piece for use with first-year students...and all undergraduates as well."

- Mary Stuart Hunter, Director
National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience
& Students in Transition