What's Race Got to Do with It?


(with corresponding DVD chapter #)

“the way we talk about race” (DVD Ch. 1) – Several students offer their views about diversity and how it impacts their lives. Afterwards, the class participates in a trust-building exercise with blindfolds.

“I’m more Black than ever” (DVD Ch. 2) Students report on the low number of Black students in their other classes. In interview, Wale, Ashley and Ulili talk about the burden of being underrepresented.

“a lot of us are getting pushed” (DVD Ch. 3) – A role play about racial profiling leads several students to recount similar experiences. In individual interviews, Mark, Peter, Mayra and David share sentiments about the discussion.

“lucky to be...” (DVD Ch. 4) – Mark and Paige are asked tough questions about being white. Privately, Wale and David express frustrations about “privilege.”

“I can be sure my race will not work against me” (DVD Ch. 5) – Students fill out a questionnaire about their racial experiences and then discuss reasons for their different scores. In interview, Mark notices the segregation of the Greek system.

“to be an American” (DVD Ch. 6) – During a discussion about cultural identity, David and Chad express disillusionment with America. Interviews with Mark, David, Linda and Mayra reveal a disconnect between multiculturalism and social justice.

“part of the problem, part of the solution” (DVD Ch. 7) – An activity about white stereotypes leads to an intense and emotional discussion about who bears responsibility to educate others and make changes in society.

“just like me” (DVD Ch. 8) – Mark and David discuss white people vs. white power. Jerlena and Dave point out the difficulty of having interracial conversations when the campus itself isn’t diverse and students of color are already overburdened.

“if you identify, pull yourself free” (DVD Ch. 9) – Dave leads an exercise that illustrates how life circumstances divide people in the room. He and Jerlena caution against assuming divisions will go away without active efforts to change them.

“paradigm shift” (DVD Ch. 10) Paige and Linda talk about how their ideas about affirmative action have changed, leading to a discussion about enrollment myths and fear. Various students offer final thoughts about how the class has affected them.