What's Race Got to Do with It?



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Fostering Intergroup Dialogue: Essential Ingredients
by Ximena Zuniga - this Diversity Web article describes the emergence of a new student dialogue model and its potential for promoting social justice.

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
By Peggy McIntosh - this ground-breaking essay, the foundation for the racial inventory exercise depicted in the film, is the author's personal account of coming to understand privilege and racism.

Affirmative Action FAQ
by Americans for a Fair Chance - Answers to some frequently asked questions about affirmative action.

The Wealth Factor
source: NEA Today "Inside Scoop" - Sociologist Dalton Conley explains how family assets, not culture, explain racial differences in academic achievement.

Harvard, Princeton Drop “Early Admissions” — Should Others Follow?
By Dr. Kristan M. Venegas, DiverseEducation.com - Op ed piece urging other colleges to drop early admission programs, which disadvantage low-income students.

From 'Minority' to 'Diversity': The transformation of formerly race-exclusive programs may be leaving some students out in the cold
by Peter Schmidt, Chronicle of Higher Education - Under threat of litigation, many scholarship and enrichment programs created to benefit historically disadvantaged groups are being opened to other students, diluting their ability to assist the groups for whom they were intended.

Asian Americans Aren't White Folks' "Racial Mascots"
by Frank Wu and William Kidder, DiverseEducation.com - how the myth of the "model minority" gets used against Asian Americans, Blacks and Latinos in college admissions.

Whites Swim in Racial Preferences
by Tim Wise - this article, which originally appeared on Alternet.org, defends affirmative action by detailing the long history of hidden advantages that white Americans have enjoyed.

Implementing A Meaningful Diversity Change Project
by Dr. Damon A. Williams for DiverseEducation.com - Key ingredients for creating an effective institutional diversity plan.