What's Race Got to Do with It?



After showing the video, you might begin the discussion with a few general questions (for everyone or small groups). Here are some possibilities:

  • Revisit the pre-screening themes and questions. How did the film challenge or reaffirm any of your thinking? Did anything in the film surprise you? Why?
  • Two weeks from now, what will you most remember from the film and why?
  • How is this film different from other programs you’ve participated in about race?

Be sure to give audience members time to process their initial reactions before moving on to discussing disparities. Allow a few minutes for individual responses and emotions then shift to broader issues and future action.

Engagement Games

Lead one or more of these activities to loosen things up or underscore a lesson. Several are featured in the film: some are simple icebreakers to help people feel more comfortable, while others probe important concepts and help reveal hidden disparities. When to introduce them depends on your group’s level of understanding and the activity’s risk level (see tips for effective facilitation).

For a complete list of engagement activities with detailed instructions, go to Engagement Games.

LOW RISK – Trust Building Activities and Icebreakers

  • Blindfold Exercise – Sort by Numbers
  • Blindfold Exercise – Guided Walk (depicted in film – DVD Chapter 1)
  • Musical Chairs

MEDIUM RISK – Uncovering Existing Disparities

  • Race Literacy Quiz
  • Counting Who’s Missing (depicted in film – DVD Chapter 2)
  • Racial Inventory (depicted in film – DVD Chapter 5)

HIGH RISK – Exploring One’s Personal Stake or Vantage Point

  • Fishbowl Discussion
  • Privilege Walk (depicted in film – DVD Chapter 9)
  • Structured Debate
  • Role Play / Role Reversal (depicted in film – DVD Chapter 3)